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randomscribbler's Journal

The LiveJournal Story Chain
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From the maintainer:
In the sixth grade language arts class we had a project where one person started a story and after five minutes passed it on to the next person who would write the next paragraph. It would then get passed on until class was almost over and we'd get to read the story. It was always a lot of fun.
The idea from this community came from laurazilla1 who posted a story written in this fashion on her journal and also from closetblonde who linked to that post in her journal.
The rules:
1. You can write only one paragraph at a time. A paragraph can be as short as one sentence or as long as seven or eight. It shouldn't be longer than eight sentences. You must wait until another person has posted before you can contribute again.
2. Make sure you read the previous entries before posting. The story should be somewhat coherent and that can't happen unless you read what has come before.
3. Be supportive. Don't attack someone's submission just because you don't like the direction they took with the story. That is contrary to the spirit of this.
4. Try to use good spelling and grammar whenever possible.

Any questions or comments, contact layla515